The Fusion Collection

Combine Wired and Wi-Fi Cameras on the same system. Lorex’s award winning Fusion Collection is a set of NVRs and wireless devices united by our Lorex Home App.

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What is the Lorex Fusion Collection?

The Lorex Fusion Collection is a set of NVRs and wireless cameras that work together through the Lorex Home App.  It works like this: Fusion Series NVRs, which connect to wired IP Cameras, can also incorporate two Wi-Fi cameras, allowing you to record them continuously to the NVRs Hard Drive.

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Wired and Wireless Fusion

Connecting wireless cameras, such as Indoor Wi-Fi Cameras, Outdoor Wi-Fi Cameras, Video Doorbells, and Floodlight Security Cameras, to a Fusion NVR requires open channels. So if you have an 8-channel NVR, you can connect six wired cameras and then the two wireless devices.

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Double Data Back-Up

Typically, Wi-Fi security cameras record motion events to their on-board microSD card. By connecting them to a Fusion NVR, however, you can also set-up continuous recording as well. This provides a full 24/7 backup. This is an invaluable feature should your Wi-Fi camera somehow become disabled, as you will still have its footage.

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United by the Lorex Home App

It’s The Lorex Home App that actually unites the wired NVR and wireless security cameras. This app will guide you as you set-up your Fusion System, and, once connected, will let you access your cameras from anywhere in the world.

A Security System Just For You

Combine the best features, like 4K Recording, of Smart IP Cameras and the versatility of Smart Wireless Cameras to create your perfect home security system.

Compatible with Security Sensors

The Lorex Sensor Hub, which connects to our line of Motion or Door/Window Sensors, also uses The Lorex Home App, which allows you to seamlessly add some video-free security to your home.