A Lorex Video Doorbell Security Camera provides around-the-clock front door security and allows you to answer the door from anywhere.

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Convenience at your fingertips

Always know who’s at the door with a Lorex Video Doorbell. You can also answer it from anywhere through the Lorex Home app.

Security to protect what matters most

A Lorex Wi-Fi Doorbell starts to record the moment motion is detected. This provides video and audio evidence of each and every event at your front door.

Don’t miss a detail with HDR

High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology automatically adjusts the exposure in extremely bright or dark areas so no details are lost.

No Cloud Storage Required

Lorex Security doorbells require no further costs after purchase. They record to an on-board microSD card and not to a costly cloud service.

Works with other smart home products

As part of Lorex’s Smart Home line-up and Fusion Collection, Lorex doorbell’s easily integrate with other Lorex products and systems.

Uses existing doorbell wiring

Video doorbells are connected to the previous doorbell’s wiring for power. Once installed, simply connect it to your local Wi-Fi network through the Lorex Home app.